And do you know this beautiful flower?

This beauty is called PASSIFLORA INCARNATA (passion flower) and it is used in homeopathy for sleep disorders.

Passionflower affects the nervous system, tea from the leaves makes a person sleepy, it is suitable for people who cannot sleep due to a great tension.

The homeopathic image of passionflower is obscure. People live with a constant feeling that everything must be in its place and under control. They are being too pedantic, and this responsibility is very exhausting, restlessness appears, the brain is overworked. They have ambitions, they want to perform at their best. Whatever they are doing, they are simultaneously dealing with what they still must do. They are unable to relax and that’s why they can’t sleep.

They feel they lose control when they sleep, grind their teeth, clench their jaws, dreams can be aggressive. In later stages, they may use alcohol or drugs to relax. The idea of suffering is essential. A person in the image of a passionflower feels that he cannot deserve anything without suffering.

In homeopathic administration, Passiflora, together with Valeriana and Avena (oats), form a powerful trio for INSOMNIA and overall CALMING.

Passionflower is just one of many homeopathic remedies for insomnia. For the correct selection, your symptoms must always match the picture of the drug. Everything about how to choose the right remedy, how to use it and what is already in the hands of a homeopath can be found in the e-book, which can be downloaded here for free 🙂

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Stay healthy.