All of us have had the gut flu experience. It is a relatively common disease in families with small children. Fortunately, it goes away quite quickly.

As you know yourself, it is not a pleasant illness but homeopathy can help. We will appreciate it especially in small children, where there is a risk of rapid dehydration. A properly chosen homeopathic medicine will relieve symptoms and speed up recovery time.

There are more medicines, but one of the TOP homeopathic remedies is ARSENICUM ALBUM.

When to use it? When feeling:

– nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea

– intense burning pains, acrid, watery, smelly secretions

– weakness and exhaustion (it is PROMINENT here), paleness, chills

– restlessness, anxiety, feeling of loneliness – needs company (feels vulnerable)

– fear of death (it doesn’t have to be literal here, children usually ask if they will get better, they require someone to be around all the time)

– nausea is relieved by frequent drinking of small sips of cold water, but generally improves with heat

This remedy has a much wider use. It’s also a big constitution healer, so if you’ve faith in it, it’ll work for you very quickly. You can also use it in cases of flu, where there is significant weakness and exhaustion. Don’t forget to pack it on vacation too, because it’s the No. 1 remedy for food poisoning. Personally tested. 🙂

Stay healthy