PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH should be a woman’s most beautiful period. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Some women carry the consequences of childbirth for the rest of their lives. Interfering with the course of pregnancy and childbirth is a problem today. Not all births are spontaneous, many are often induced artificially. The more interventions are performed during childbirth, the greater the trauma for the woman and her child. Delivery by vacuum-assisted delivery, forceps, caesarean section are all common practices today and often without previous indication. The stories from many women would be worth a script in some horror movie.

The quality of life, interpersonal relationships or the realization of a personal mission is affected by these moments. Exactly what we experience before and during a childbirth we carry into life as a primary life feeling, i.e. limbic imprint.

Traumas experienced during childbirth can be treated with homeopathic medicines made from birth tissues and fluids. We call them MATRIDONAL MEDICINES – MEDICINES GIVEN BY THE MOTHER. The medicine acts retroactively on any given trauma at any age.

These are medicines from the PLACENTA, AMNIOTIC FLUID, UMBILICAL CORD, NEWBORN VERNIX and MOTHER’S MILK. They are a solution to birth trauma, premature birth, lack of motherhood and absence of breastfeeding.

The main theme of the remedy is IDENTITY, rediscovering yourself and rediscovering your identity. Remedies are very important for premature babies who did not have enough time to develop in the womb, contact the placenta, swim in the amniotic fluid, cover the body with a protective vernix or connect to the mother through the umbilical cord.

Another topic is REFUSAL, both in the prenatal age, childhood, psychological and physical abuse, or neglect. On the physical level, digestive problems, eating disorders, hormonal and gynaecological problems, respiratory system problems and skin problems are common.

These medications will help patients get grounded and integrate into their bodies and are also invaluable tools for dealing with AUTISM.