Mental injuries tend to be very painful and long-lasting. Many of us have been disappointed. We think there is no cure for them. We often hear, time will help. Everything will get over with time and so on. But what if he doesn’t get over it? What if the wound is still alive after several years. Yes, we can forgive, but we cannot forget.

These long-term wounds, which we carry for many years and sometimes for a lifetime, can affect our relationships, often in a negative way. How?

We don’t believe, we don’t want to show emotions and feelings, we are afraid of another disappointment and so our life goes in a different direction than we would like.

And one homeopathic medicine can do a great job. And deep. Even a few years back. It dissolves old grievances, disappointments….it forgives.

NATRUM MURIATICUM (mineral – salt – includes sodium and chlorine elements)

The main essence of this drug is the feeling of “being left in the lurch”, betrayed or disappointed by someone we cared about. He feels betrayed. He closes himself off and is inaccessible, accompanied by a feeling of insecurity and fear of loneliness.

Such a person believes that there is something wrong with him. He’s not good enough, he doesn’t look good enough….and that’s why the other one left. He withdraws and is sad. Long sad. He doesn’t show his emotions, he doesn’t want comfort, and this state can turn into anger and hatred. He clings to unpleasant memories, unable to forget.

Natrum muriaticum can bring a person back to life and bring him joy. It opens closed hearts, dissolves bittersweet memories and is open to love again.

This medicine is suitable for any kind of disappointment, loss of a loved one, long-term sadness, depression and withdrawal.

The medicine is also accompanied by physical problems. For example:

headache, insomnia, dry skin, intolerance to the sun, is hot-blooded, prone to cold sores, eczema, asthma.

Always consult your homeopath, he will select the potency of the medicine and set the correct course of treatment. It is possible that you will need another medicine over time.

Have beautiful days