Whooping cough is a disease that has been around since ancient times. It is especially dangerous for children, which is why it is vaccinated in infancy. Antibodies last for around 10 years, followed by revaccination. Unfortunately, in adulthood, the level of antibodies is very low or absent. You become susceptible, the infection takes place via droplet infection and the incubation period is longer than for common viruses.

The disease develops gradually. It starts with a mild irritating cough, which over time becomes suffocating to gagging. The patient gasps for breath and often vomits. Attacks most often occur at night, the cough is spasmodic and exhausting.

 You probably put on various cough suppressants, but they don’t do much. Homeopathy will help alleviate and overcome the unpleasant symptoms of a cough more quickly. Choose the medicine according to the symptoms.

Here are some medicines that will help you in the acute phase:

COCCUS cacti

* paroxysmal cough, caused by scratching in the larynx, feeling of a crumb in the throat, coughing up whitish stringy mucus, hoarseness, frequent thirst for small amounts of water


* spasmodic, dry gagging cough, suffocation bruised face, bluish lips, improves by drinking cold water.


*dry, barking cough in paroxysms, as if the throat was irritated by a quill. Feeling of dryness, whistling when breathing in, the patient barely has time to exhale during coughing fits, breathing is accelerated


* spasmodic cough with suffocation, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sometimes also nosebleeds and shortness of breath


*violent cough, reddening of the cheeks, gasping for breath, vomiting of phlegm, exhaustion, inhaled air seems cold and provokes coughing fits.


*dryness of the mucous membranes and burning, as if they were exposed. Pain in the larynx when swallowing, talking. The cough is croupy and wheezing (like the sound of a saw). Sensation of congestion in larynx, sleeps high with head propped up, improves with warm drinks and food


Use the 30C potency – put the medicine in a glass of water and administer after 15 min. Extend the intervals as you improve.

! FOR SMALL CHILDREN, CHOKING conditions are life-threatening, here we don’t wait for anything and go straight to the doctor.