Bach essences

How they are divided

Fear and worry

  • Rock Rose (26, Rock Rose) – horror, panic, dismay

  • Mimulus (20, Lopseed) – specific fears – stage fright, flying, driving a car, thunderstorms….

  • Cherry Plum (6, Cherry plum) – hysteria, explosiveness, fear of losing self-control

  • Aspen (2, Poplar-aspen) – fear and anxiety of unknown origin

  • Red Chestnut (25, Red Chestnut) – fear and excessive concern about other, catastrophic scenarios


  • Clematis (9, White forest vine) – dreaminess, insufficient interest in the present, absent in spirit, inattentiveness

  • Honeysuckle (16, Honeysuckle) – lives in the past, longing, dealing with what was

  • Wild Rose (37, Wild rose) – apathy, passivity, resignation, lifeless

  • Olive (23, Olive) – exhaustion, fatigue, mental and physical, lack of energy

  • White Chestnut (35, White Chestnut) – unwanted thoughts, stream of thoughts (can’t turn off the head), mental guesswork, insomnia, lack of concentration

  • Mustard (21, Wild Mustard) – deep depression with no apparent cause, sadness, lack of joy

  • Chestnut Bud (7, Chestnut Bud) – inability to learn from past mistakes, keep repeating them


  • Larch (19, Larch) – lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, anticipation of failure in advance

  • Pine (24, Scots pine) – remorse and guilt (also for others), self-blame

  • Elm (11, Elm) – overwhelmed by responsibility, feeling that it is too much for you, that you can’t handle it

  • Sweet Chestnut (30, Edible Chestnut) – extreme despair, at the limit of tolerability, mental anguish, you can’t take it anymore

  • Star of Bethlehem (29, Star of Bethlehem) – shock, trauma and their consequences, confusion

  • Willow (38, Yellow Willow) – self-pity, pessimism, feeling wronged, feeling unfair, bitterness

  • Oak (22, Oak) – exhausted, but you can’t stop fighting, you can’t stop, you can’t rest

  • Crab Apple (10, Crab Apple) – self-loathing, feeling impure, dissatisfied with oneself, obsessed with cleanliness


  • Cerato (5, Chickweeds) – seeks advice and reassurance from others, doubts, does not trust one’s own judgment

  • Scleranthus (28, German Knotgrass) – indecisiveness, hesitancy, not being able to decide between two or more options, moodiness

  • Gentian (12, Gentian) – loss of courage, depression, despondency

  • Gorse (13, Gorse flower) – hopelessness, resignation, lack of motivation, nothing is worth it

  • Hornbeam (17, Hornbeam) – mental fatigue, procrastination, lack of interest, “Monday morning feeling”

  • Wild Oat (36, Wild Oat) – uncertainty about the right path in life, does not know where to go


  • Water Violet (34, Water Violet) – pride, arrogance, unattainability, closedness, loneliness

  • Impatiens (18, Jewelweed) – impatience, haste, inner restlessness, impulsiveness, irritability

  • Heather (14, Scottish Heather) – self-concerned, self-centred


  • Agrimony (1, Rapeseed) – he hides suffering and pain behind a smiling face, masks his feelings

  • Centaurs (4, Common centaury) – weak willed and submissive, unable to say no, unable to refuse, submissive

  • Walnut (33, Walnut buds) – hypersensitive to external influences and changes, helps to accept changes and cope with them

  • Holly (15, Holly) – hatred, enmity, jealousy, desire for revenge, suspicion

Too much care

  • Chicory (8, Chicory) – selfish domineering, manipulative behaviour, emotional blackmail, craving for attention

  • Vervain (31, St. John’s wort) – excessive enthusiasm, fanaticism, belief that only their way is right

  • Wine (32, Vine) – dominance, tyranny, aggressiveness, inflexibility, strong ambition

  • Beech (3, Beech) – intolerance, criticism, condemnation

  • Rock Water (27, healing spring water) – self-suppression, self-denial, desire for perfection, makes too high demands on oneself

  • Rescue Remedy – accidents, traumas, operations, tests….5 essences (Rock Rose, Plum, White forest vine, Jewelweed, Star of Bethlehem)

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