Every woman goes through menopause. She doesn’t always perceive this as a pleasant experience, usually it’s the other way around. In addition to physical problems, some women also experience significant psychological problems. These conditions are increasing and it’s not normal to feel miserable, to survive and take it as a necessary burden.

There are many products on the market that help women to overcome these unpleasant states, their vary for each woman. Some find relief, others not at all. Some keep searching, others are satisfied with hormones, others come to terms with reality.

Homeopathy offers a solution. Many women managed to get rid of sleeping pills, nervousness or anxiety medication, stopped changing nightgowns multiple times a night, because hot flushes disappeared and now they could feel like the women they were before. Yes, you don’t have to feel bad during menopause, you don’t have to be sad or irritable. A woman is at the peak of maturity, and this brings with it many positive changes. E.g. gaining perspective, because thanks to experience she already knows what she wants, she is more confident and self-confident than in her twenties. She can appreciate the little things in life, she is wiser, more mature and stronger. Only the menopause and hormones sometimes spoil it a bit.

You already know that homeopathy deals with the whole person, which is why it is appropriate for a woman to choose “her” specific remedy.

The most used homeo remedies include:

LACHESIS – for talkative, energetic, or passionate women. They hate tight clothes, they are often hot, they suffer from hot flushes, sweating, headache, high blood pressure, palpitations. The symptoms improve or disappear as soon as the bleeding starts.

SEPIA – ambitious, dynamic women with a desire for independence. (Later rather tired). Mostly withdrawn, they hate comfort and company. Often irritable, especially with family members. Sexual desire decreases, but they love dancing and other activities. Accompanies pelvic floor weakness.

PULSATILLA – tearful, anxious, and hypersensitive women. Very moody if they feel they are not loved enough. Crying moderated by given comfort and any expressions of love. They hate stuffy rooms, they feel the heat mainly in their faces, they feel better in the fresh air. Fatty food was not good for them.

IGNATIA – emotionally unstable women with hysterical outbursts. Bursts of crying and laughter alternate. They have a feeling of heaviness in the chest and a tendency to sigh. Headache and cramps.

NATRUM MURIATICUM – sad and withdrawn women, do not desire company and do not tolerate sympathy or consolation. Headaches, migraines, herpes, acne, and eczema are common. Dryness of the vaginal mucosa is typical. A taste for salty things

CALCAREA CARBONICA – women gaining weight, heavy bleeding and sweating, especially at night. They are very responsible and hardworking with a tendency to overwork. They have a lot of fears and anxieties. Chills, joint problems, osteoporosis.


If you recognize yourself in any of the remedies-character descriptions, it is likely that they will help you alleviate unpleasant physical or mental problems. A more accurate choice of remedy is already in the hands of an experienced Homeopath.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

Don’t let menopause bother you 😊