The Christmas holidays are always a burden for “gallbladders”, people with sensitive stomach or people with generally weaker digestion. An excess of food, alcohol, and sweets can sometimes torment even stronger individuals, who may be surprised that they are not as well as always and suddenly the holidays are spoiled because of all kinds of digestive problems. Stomach pain with nausea, tenderness in the right abdominal region up to the ribs, spasms accompanied by diarrhoea, etc.

Homeopathy will help quite quickly. It can relieve discomfort almost immediately. The symptoms that accompany your acute condition will guide us in choosing the right medicine.


Physical symptoms – a feeling of fullness and heaviness in the stomach, may be accompanied by a feeling of vomiting and cramps. Chills, in a milder state, you crave stimulants like coffee or a shot, thinking it will help you. A taste for spicy things and hot drinks is also typical.

Mental symptoms – irritability, anger. Patients with “nux vomicy” are really insufferable sometimes, they will criticize you and get upset very easily, for example, that you open the window, because they hate drafts, but fresh air is good for them.


Physical symptoms – pain in the stomach and the entire abdomen, it can be burning. The condition is accompanied by weakness, pallor, and chills. Diarrhoea may not be present or severe, you might get some burning sensations and flatulence also appears. The medicine is also suitable to combat poisoning from unsuitable food or food that your body is not used to.

Mental symptoms – fear for your health, require the presence of other people, do not want to be alone, have great anxiety, improve when kept warm


You could find more remedies, but these are essential, tried several times and they really worked very quickly. And one more tip 🙂 Nux vomica has detoxifying abilities and breaks down alcohol very quickly. So, it’s number one for hangovers and you can take it when you want to get rid of the residual alcohol quickly.

I wish you happy holidays, especially in good health 🙂