Dental problems can occur at any age. They either develop gradually or appear suddenly. Acute toothache is probably one of the most painful things. Those who have experienced it will welcome anything that helps them to relieve their pain quickly.

Homeopathy does not replace a visit to the dentist, which is certainly the No. 1 choice, but it can help in treatment, speed up healing, reduce pain, reduce recovery time, plus you don’t have to swallow so many chemical drugs.

How homeopathic remedies can help you?

ACONITUM – for people who have a panic about visiting the Dentist, a great fear of pain, accompanied by cold sweat and rapid breathing.

ARNICA – one of the most effective homeopathic remedies for pain relief.

BELLADONNA – for inflammation (before or after the procedure). The affected area is swollen, red, hot, with throbbing pain. A fever may appear, cheeks are red, light sweating.

CALENDULA – accelerates healing and promotes tissue granulation. It has an antiseptic effect.

HECLA LAVA – for bone damage (inflammation of the periosteum)

HEPAR SULFUR – abscesses, cysts near the roots of the teeth.

HYPERICUM – Nerve involvement (cleaning root canals, pulling out nerves), after very painful extraction.

MERCURIUS solubilis – for any discharge/pus in the oral cavity. Accompanying symptom is odour and salivation. Use also when removing amalgam fillings.

OPIUM – if numbness persists after local anaesthesia.

SYMPHYTUM – when the bone is affected after the procedure. Root resection, insertion of implants.


A properly chosen remedies should provide relief within a few minutes. We repeat the dosage once its effect wears off. If relief does not occur within a few hours, another remedy must be selected. Choose the potency of the drug 30CH.

If you have chronic problems with your teeth, consult a homeopath. He will discuss the situation in more detail and determine a tailor-made remedy for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask.