Since the 40-degree heat is attacking us again, it is very quick to end up getting a heat or sunstroke. As a child I suffered a lot from it, but nobody really cared much in those days and I might have got just a painkiller and some cold compress on my forehead. Of course, prevention is the most effective, but if you already have a problem, homeopathy is one of the ways to help. It is also good to recognize what heatstroke and sun stroke are, they are often confused.

Heatstroke is overheating of the body when its own thermoregulation fails in connection with a lack of fluids. So you can have it even without exposure to sun, for example by staying in a heated vehicle for a long time. Symptoms are headache, sweating, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness.

Sunstroke is caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, accompanied by headache, increased temperature or fever, nausea with vomiting and sometimes convulsions. In this case, the sunstroke is worse because it irritates the brain membranes and can damage them.

Overheating of the body can be very dangerous, especially for small children and the elderly. In addition to the well-known recommendations such as cooling down, plenty of fluids and minerals, a rehydration solution is proven to help. You don’t have to run to the pharmacy right away, but you can make it yourself.

Rehydration solution – for 1 litre of water – add 8 teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of salt, add 1 decilitre of 100% fruit juice



Belladonna – red skin, radiating heat, sweating, headache most often throbbing, thirst, children may become delirious during fever. Sensitivity to light, sounds and shocks

Glonoinum – similar to Belladonna, but head symptoms predominate, head snaps, bursts accompanied by confusion and disorientation

Aconitum – high fever, usually with a very rapid onset, headache, paleness alternates with redness, dry hot skin, great restlessness, accompanied by anxiety or even panic.

Natrum carbonicum – headache, tension in the neck, nausea and diarrhea, dry skin alternating with sweating.

We will most often use the potency of 15 CH 1-2 balls every 15-20 min until improvement. A higher potency of 30 CH can also be used for intense and fast-onset symptoms.

I wish you a beautiful and relaxing summer.