Spring is approaching in leaps and bounds. Everything is blooming and smelling good, and I’ve already been thinking about treatments for all those allergies. And lo and behold… everything is different again. Fractures began to “pop up” around me, one after another. Apparently, everyone took out their bikes and skates and unfortunately started to fall somehow en masse.

So how to promote fracture healing? How to speed up regeneration? When your leg is in a cast, and you can’t do anything at all. Should we just wait, or can we do something more?

The no.1 choice of treatment for all injuries – Arnica montana. I carry arnica with me everywhere and have used it many times. Sometimes it works absolute wonders, especially if you hit the individual’s constitutional remedy as well.

Arnica montana (Prha arnica) – the remedy of first choice for accidents, injuries, falls. Blood spurts, muscle strain, bruises. General soreness, seizures and muscle pain. Helps regeneration, absorption of blood sprains, bruises. Faster recovery.

Another drug to promote bone growth and healing

Symphytum officinale (Medicinal horsetail) – injuries to bones and periosteum, helps bone fusion and bone muscle formation, remedy for non-healing fractures and old injuries.

Calcarea phosphorica – helps deposit calcium and phosphorus in the bones, muscle calcification, medicine for those prone to fractures, brittle bones, people suffering from osteoporosis.

Of course, it is advisable to support everything with an increased intake of calcium and vitamin D, especially in a high-quality diet. That the most calcium is found in dairy products is a myth that has been confirmed for a long time. Even in vegetables and other foods, we don’t eat enough of it. At least for an overview, here are a few such foods… (Seeds – poppy seeds, sesame, chia, almonds, fish – sardines, salmon, cheeses – parmesan, brie, soybeans, tofu, lentils, beans, yogurts, cottage cheese, spinach, cabbage, abalone ….)

May you have strong bones 🙂