One day, a young lady (let’s call her Magda) called me to see if I could help her with something for her fear. Magda suffered from stage fright associated with appearing in public. She had been singing in church since she was a child, she is a teacher and now an important singing solo performance awaited her.

We arranged a meeting and during our conversation I tried to find the best (homeopathic) remedy for her. Magda was too hard on herself and always wanted to do the best job. Her nervousness disappeared with the first notes. But now she was accompanied by nervousness during the entire singing. This disturbed her very much, she could not concentrate and couldn´t work out why this was happening to her. She got into a vicious circle, the more she focused on her condition, the more her stage fright worsened until it started to turn into panic. Magda felt anxious and she easily induced these feelings with just a thought even when at home.

I chose a homeopathic remedy for Magda, but because I felt that she needed to calm her emotions faster, I offered her Bach drops as well. In turn, she told me that she was already taking Bach pills and they didn’t help her at all. I asked her what essences they were and when she said Rescue Remedy, I knew where the root of the problem was.

People often reach for life-saving drops, only to find out that they didn’t last that long (this happens very often). Why? Because each of us perceives a stressful situation completely differently. We all experience different emotions; feelings and we react differently to same situation and cope with it differently. Mixing tailor-prepared drops is much more effective 🙂

Magda received the following essences:

Mimulus – fear of familiar things

Rock Water – too high demands on yourself

Larch – little self-confidence

Walnut – protection against change and external influences

Rock Rose – horror, panic

When choosing essences, I am start not only from a person’s nature, but above all from how he reacts to stress, what is the most difficult for him/her, how he/she perceives and experiences emotions and how he/she can or cannot fight with them. We are each original and each will require a different composition, made of at least 2-3 essences.

I’m not saying that crisis drops don’t work. They have their justification, but in practice, unfortunately, I often encounter an insufficient effect. It’s always worth a try, and if they don’t work to your liking, have your essences custom mixed.

And how did it turn out for Magda? Wonderful :-), after a few days she felt a great calmness, to the point where she was surprised herself. The performance went perfectly, and Magda admitted that she still “didn’t care” and she had never felt that before. Personally, I was very happy about it, so I wanted to share this story with you.

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