Nowadays, there are more and more children who deviate from the norm and due to their “otherness”, the environment considers them ill-mannered or unmanageable, etc. They are often labelled with a diagnosis of AUTISM or ASD or other ATTENTION DISORDERS.

In addition to holistic therapy (diet modification, vitamin supplements, sports activities, work of educators, psychologists, parents), homeopathic help is not talked about or written about much. At the same time, the results that homeopathy brings deserve more attention.

The homeopathic approach is holistic, it deals with the child’s personality, not just individual symptoms within the diagnosis. Children treated with homeopathic remedies improve on all levels – MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL and often change beyond recognition.

The success of the treatment depends on many aspects. More than one homeopathic remedy is often needed, but each of them does its job and moves the child on towards a normal life. A Homeopath focuses on what is special and unique about a child. On verbal and non-verbal communication, stereotyped behaviour, sensitivity to surrounding stimuli and perceptions. He is interested in his needs, interests, manifestations, traumas (from the prenatal period) to family history.

There is no cure for autism, each individual has his/her own cure. The key is not only the correct choice of the remedy, but also understanding the entire case, considering the uniqueness and the cooperation of the parents. It wouldn’t be possible without them.

Although it is not a quick fix solution, homeopathy can make a difference.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them 🙂