The coronavirus crisis persists, you can say, because nothing is returning to normal. Quite on the contrary. Fear of contagion, fear and panic are now ruling the whole world. Not everyone has the same attitude towards development of this situation, but that would be for another article.

The possibilities of homeopathic treatment or prevention of COVID-19 were already mentioned a few months ago, when homeopaths established the so-called GENUS EPIDEMICUS, i.e. the central remedy, for the disease caused by a new type of coronavirus. Other drugs also play their role, no less important, especially when the disease has already developed and needs to be addressed. In homeopathy, we always choose the remedy according to the symptoms of the disease and various accompanying manifestations. Homeopaths from all over the world have agreed on several remedies and achieved excellent results with them. It should be noted that the success of homeopathy in the treatment of epidemics is significantly higher than that of classical treatment, which has already been confirmed in the past, for example, with the Spanish flu.

There is probably no need to mention the strengthening of immunity in the prevention of diseases, everyone has their favourite procedures or methods, be it herbal teas, vitamins and supplements, Chinese medicine, stress reduction, etc. Homeopathy can help you both before the disease, as well as in its beginning and throughout its course. It probably won’t disappear as if by magic, but it will strengthen the body’s own defence mechanisms, alleviate symptoms and significantly speed up regeneration. It also depends on the individual himself, his health, condition, etc.

Based on experience and symptoms in people who have contracted COVID-19, the following homeopathic remedies are recommended, but always consider the severity of the condition and seek medical attention if necessary. The mentioned treatments are for the initial phase of the infection and can be supplemented with classical treatment.

GELSEMIUM SERPENVIRENS (Genus epidemicus) choice no. 1 remedy also used preventively

  • slow onset of illness, fever, chills
  • pronounced malaise, weakness, accompanied by heaviness of the eyelids, pain in the limbs


  • severe pains in bones and muscles, fever with chills, thirst during chills


  • intense cough with pain behind the sternum, headache when coughing
  • dryness of mucous membranes, all aggravated by motion


Can be used preventively, once a week 30 CH, if you are not in the epicentre of the epidemic. If you are directly in the centre of the infection, we take 30 CH once a day, after the risk has passed, we extend the interval to 2 times a week.

  • great fear of disease and contagion, anxiety and restlessness
  • burning pains, chills, weakness
  • digestive problems (vomiting, diarrhea)


When a serious complication develops, pneumonia

  • accumulation of large amounts of mucus with difficulty in expectoration
  • wheezing, hoarseness, bubbling in the chest, worsening of breathing while lying down

Other drugs that significantly help in managing the infection:


It is recommended to consult a homeopath about the dosage and appropriate potency of the drugs. Homeopathic medicines do not interact with vitamins or other supplements to strengthen immunity.

I wish you all good health, that you and your loved ones do not get the infection, and if you do, that you manage it as smoothly as possible and without complications.