Apparently, everyone takes “some medicine” with them on vacation. Whether chemical or natural or your tried and tested ones. And if you travel with children, you definitely take more of them, because you know … With children it is unpredictable all year round, but especially when you are going somewhere new. You leave on Saturday morning and by Friday evening you are dealing with a temperature or diarrhoea. I possibly took the entire homeopathic arsenal and a little of the chemistry (if anything) whenever we travelled with small children. Over time, as my children grow and everything is more comfortable, I only carry a small bag.

It is important to realize that in serious (or life-threatening) conditions, or even if you are unsure and worried, calling or seeking medical help is essential and no homeopathy can replace emergency medical help. However, we can help a lot with homeopathic remedies, alleviate, improve or even completely eliminate various ailments.


So before you travel, for example by car and you have a so-called “pukey child” suffering from motion sickness, in addition to sachets and classic Kinedryl drug, these homeopathic medicines prove to be effective

Cocculus indicus – dizziness with nausea, aggravated by lack of sleep, the world is spinning, seasickness

Tabacum – Dizziness and worse with motion, fainting sensation, weakness, improved by fanning, opening eyes

Petroleum – Dizziness and nausea improved by closing eyes



Arnica montana – first choice medicine – contusions, acute sprains, soreness and aches, fear of touch

Aconitum napellus – state of panic (accident), shock, fear of death, anxiety, restlessness

Hypericum perforatum – remedy for injuries of richly innervated parts, fingers – bruises, great pain, coccyx – falls

Staphysagria – small cuts, wounds with cuts, accelerates healing

Calendula – bleeding, wounds, abrasions, suppuration/pus discharge, acts as an antiseptic



Everyone deals with it sometimes, and you don’t even have to be on an exotic vacation.

Arsenicum album – food poisoning, acute inflammation of the stomach and intestines, watery diarrhoea

Nux vomica – vomiting, convulsions, irritability

China – excessive fluid loss, flatulence, diarrhoea, weakness

Veratrum album – general weakness, collapse, exhaustion, fainting with vomiting, cold sweat

Ipeca – constant nausea, vomiting is persistent

Colocynthis – painful acute diarrhoea, intestinal and biliary colic, inflammation of the stomach after a cold



Belladonna – intense, rapid onset symptoms, rapid pulse, flushed face, mild sweating, convulsions, flushing, delirium, hallucinations, sensitivity to light, noise

Aconitum – Fainting, shock, panic, anxiety, onset of febrile conditions, first choice remedy for laryngitis attack

Arsenicum album – high fever, chills, dry skin, cold limbs, flu-like symptoms



Hypericum, Belladonna, Apis



Apis – insect sting (anaphylactic shock), swelling, burning stinging pain, general and local improvement with cold

Tarentula cubensis – bites characterized by hardening of the area, swelling or suppuration/pus formation

Ledum palustre – pinch, insect sting, tick bite, animal bite, feeling of cold in /around the affected area

Urtica urens – anaphylactic shock, burning swelling, hives, aggravated by cold (opposite of Apis)


Remedies are usually used in a potency of 15 CH 2-3 balls 3-5 times a day, they can also be dissolved in water and drunk. In acute conditions, we will use a higher potency of 30CH.

Bach’s Crisis Drops and Crisis Cream travel with us everywhere. They contain 5 essences of the so-called emergency combination, which remove the consequences of shock, causes of great fear and panic, help in case of small and large traumas.

The mentioned remedies are the basic ones, for the most common diseases that we can encounter on vacation. You can supplement your first aid kit with others, especially if you suffer from any diseases that recur or return, or in short you are sensitive to them and having your treatments at hand will give you more confidence. After all, it’s about enjoying your vacation.