Today I would like to introduce you to Mimulus gluttatus – essence no. 20.

An inconspicuous plant with yellow flowers, growing on the banks of lakes, streams and rivers. A plant that escaped from gardens into the wild, having no natural enemies or special demands on the environment, able to survive and spread.

And what is its uniqueness? What makes a not so well-known plant worthy of attention? What can an “ordinary flower” do?

Literally real miracles. Gentle action and powerful effect. Warrior against fear. Eliminator of negative emotions caused by fear. Eliminating those unpleasant feelings that fear and worry bring. Gone is the horror that you are unable to even talk about, that you silently and secretly carry with you because you do not believe that it could be changed. You reconcile and continue to suffer because that’s how life is. And nothing can be done about it. And what if it could be different?

How about feeling much calmer even in a situation that causes you worry, fear, unpleasant feelings, in short, when you are afraid. How about suddenly perceiving those frightful moments differently, without feelings of anxiety, trembling, nervousness. To feel and be more confident, more secure. To be on top of things, to think and reason more clearly, without feeling paralyzed. It’s no coincidence that you then ask yourself, what was so terrible about it? After all, it’s cool.

We can use the kettlebell for all known fears and anxieties about real things and everyday life, it will relieve you of unpleasant feelings and establish inner peace.

Most common uses:

Fear of pain (procedures, operations, childbirth…), of the dark (children falling asleep, dreams, nightmares), of accidents (of flying), of failure (fright before an exam, of public speaking, inability to communicate), shyness and shyness in of children, fear of diseases, heights, poverty, misfortune, loneliness, etc……