You´ve been there before….your healthy child leaves for a ski trip or school trip in nature and comes back with a total cold. Usually already with an advanced cough, a runny nose to go with it. What do you try solving first? Good question. Certainly, what bothers the patient the most. As you know that any kind of cough can be upsetting, not only the dry irritating one, but also wet, gagging, raspy one, as if cutting with a saw or spasmodic.

Homeopathic remedies can help here too. We select them according to the symptoms and dose depending on the patient’s condition.

Most often potency 15CH with 3 balls 3-5 times a day. In an acute condition, even every 10-15 min. Higher potency and dosage should be consulted with a homeopath.


Aconitum napellus – sudden cough, from cold windy weather, great restlessness, anxiety, worse around midnight, thirst

Bryonia alba – cough associated with headache or chest pain, aggravated by movement, irritability, extreme dryness of mucous membranes.

Cocus cacti – paroxysmal, convulsive, ending in coughing up a small amount of mucus, in the morning on waking.

Cuprum metallicum – spasmodic, choking cough, coming in fits, improved by drinking cold liquid.

Drosera – rattling, barking, spasmodic cough in paroxysms, worse at night, lying down.

Hepar sulphur – hoarse barking cough, aggravated by cold air, chills.

Phosphorus – painful cough accompanied by hoarseness, fatigue, desire for cold drinks.

Rumex crispus – constant debilitating cough, caused by itching and tickling in the throat, aggravated by inhalation of cold air.

Sambucus nigra – suffocating sudden cough, can’t breathe, hoarseness, stuffy nose.

Spongia tosta – Croup, wheezing cough like a saw, dryness of mucous membranes with constriction and burning.


Pulsatilla – wet cough during day, dry at night, thick yellow phlegm, aggravated by heat, tearfulness.

Ipeca – wet, gagging cough with increased salivation, clean, uncoated tongue, accompanied by vomiting and belching, sometimes with nosebleeds.

Hydrastis canadensis – for a wet cough caused by a back cold, accompanied by thick yellowish viscous stretchy secretions.

If there is no improvement within 2 days, or if there is a sudden deterioration, it is advisable to see a doctor, just as   in any other acute condition.

If you suffer from a cough for a long time or repeatedly, there is certainly a medicine for your cough. In the case of chronic diseases, it is advisable to administer a constitutional medicine for the given patient, to support the general condition and start self-healing processes in the body.

I wish you only a positive experience 🙂